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Smart Choice Tutor (Pty) Ltd has been supplying some of the best tutors to clients and learners across South Africa. The owner and Managing Director Mr. Jaco SJ Krüger is a qualified B.Eng. Engineer who himself was tutoring subjects like maths, calculus and physical science during his studies. The company now boasts a highly skilled team who ensure their clients receive the best service possible.

Our key success factors centers around excellence, people, appropriate and specialized processes and intimate relationships with both our tutors and our clients.

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Why Us?

We have an internal motto at Smart Choice Tutor: “A happy tutor, a happy client”. We believe by treating all our tutors with the highest level of respect, dignity and paying our tutors well they will in return also treat our clients with the same dignity and respect.

Having successfully assigned hundreds of tutors to clients across South Africa we have what it takes to deliver. We have a team of over 1500 highly qualified tutors and from them we accurately assign a tutor to a client not only based on academic success but also by gauging personalities and trying our best to ensure the individuals connect on a more personal level as this is the best environment for information to be conveyed accurately.

Smart Choice Tutor has developed customised smart software which provides us with a shortlist of tutors for each client. This software takes various inputs into account if supplied such as required subject, gender, location etc. and this enables us to be arguably the fastest and most accurate tutoring company in South Africa usually assigning tutors within 24 hours after the request.

Our strategic and professional approach to assigning and managing our tutors has led to countless happy clients and tutors and will remain so in the years to come. We continuously strive to improve our platform and assigning algorithms in an attempt to always add more value.

Our passion is education, and in a country where skilled individuals are leaving the country at an alarming rate Smart Choice Tutor has been placed here to upskill and assist individuals so that our country can remain standing and come out on top in the long haul - one client at a time.

What Our Clients Say

As the fastest growing tutoring company in South Africa, we must be doing something right!

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