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Science is an ideal subject for school students to learn as they are naturally curious. This subject allows students to view and perceive the world differently and with an increased knowledge foundation. Society and knowledge cannot be separated into two distinct entities as the two are indispensable and coherent. As with mathematics, there is no fast or quick fix when preparing for physics exams. Physical Science can be challenging, especially when under pressure along with other subjects. Getting a physics tutor early in the year will help the student get and remain on track, providing them the freedom to explore the intricacies of both physics and chemistry alike and to find their liking in the subject in a more natural way.

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Why is Physical Science and Chemistry important?

Importance of Science in school curriculum article.

The importance of physics in school cannot be overstated. Many university courses require both mathematics and physics. Admission for courses like engineering, biology, actuarial sciences and many more require that the learner have passed mathematics and physics at school. It may be surprising to find that subjects like maths and science are also required for entrance into ‘non-science’ courses at university. Therefore, it is very important to check the subject requirements at university before deciding not to take maths or physics. It is also well known that some of the greatest artists were all great mathematicians, being good at maths and physics is many times an indication of someone who can be very creative. Maths and science are by no means a gift and people generally don’t just ‘happen’ to be good at it, it is something that is taught with time. It takes hard work and effort, ask the people who have studied, and are currently studying, it. Lastly, physical sciences can be observed every day, how cars move, why cars move, how sound travels, how molecules bond, why chemicals act the way they do and more! Taking all of this into consideration we can see that physics and doing well in physics is very important.

Below is a list of admission requirements for South African Universities:

Physics and Chemistry Past Papers.

The best way to prepare for an exam is not only by studying through school work and additional resources like X-kits, instead try out some past papers: