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Statistics is a good starting point for students to learn how to collect and analyse data. As with mathematics, there is no fast or quick fix when preparing for exams in statistics. Statistics can be challenging, especially when under pressure along with other subjects. Getting a tutor from the start will prevent the student from falling behind and will help the student remain on track.

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Why is Statistics important?

Statistics is a very important module because it plays a significant role in various disciplines, ranging from medicine, agricultural sciences, engineering, maths and science, to social studies and the humanities. Given that statistics is an analytical tool used to interpret results, it is not limited to the field of mathematics. Like maths and science, it takes time to learn and become proficient in stats. Bearing in mind that statistics is necessary in research due to the wide range of application, it is imperative that students endeavour to work diligently and do well.

Below is a list of admission requirements for South African Universities:

Statistics Past Papers.

The best way to prepare for an exam is not only by studying through school work and additional resources like X-kits, instead try out some past papers: